Cornstalker Kennels

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Puppies are now 2 weeks in age.  They have opened their eyes and their noses are completely black now.  Abra is a great mother and spends most of her time in the whelping box nursing and cleaning them up continually.  At this stage of the game they pretty much eat, sleep, and dream about birds!!  

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Get your trap shooting down now because come next fall these guys will be pointing you live ones!!!!

CPR King David's Mighty Benaiah


           CPR Archer's Abra 

Niah meets Abra breeding, pups are due beginning of January 2018.  This breeding will produce some top notch yellow pointing labs.  This is another loaded pedigree featuring many GMPR's and AKC MH dogs like 4XGMPR Super Trooper, 4xGMPR Rosco, GMPR Sauk River Featherstorm, GMPR Risky Raider MH, 4XGMPR Black Forest Bear Grits MH, GMPR Cashzinger's Cattail Corkey, GPPR Duke's True Grit just to name some.  Niah has all the looks and drive you are looking for in a Pointing Labrador.  He carries Super Trooper's features in his blocky looks, 75 lb.muscular frame, black pigment, athletic ability, and strong desire to train and hunt.  He has exceptional marking and retrieving ability and displays one of the strongest natural points you will find.  If the bird sits, he will point it!  He has a calm, kid-friendly temperament, yet when its time to train or hunt he has a high output motor.  Niah was pointing at a very young age and was the quickest learner I have ever trained.  He has a strong desire to please and is crazy about finding, pointing, and retrieving birds.  Niah's pedigree features some of the best lines in the country  and you can see those bloodlines in his looks and personality.  When it comes to true Labrador looks, strong staunch point, and all around hunting and training ability, Niah is the total package! Abra is my brother Greg's APLA Certified Pointing Retriever and is a 60 pound hunting and pointing machine.  She hunts close and has that awesome staunch point that is a most beautiful sight to see.  Abra has a strong drive and a great nose.  I had and APLA judge say "she almost has too good of a nose if that is possible".  She was scenting birds a long way off and then worked closer for that strong point.  She is a good marker, very intelligent, and picks things up really quickly.  She has been in the house and also in an outdoor kennel.  Abra can turn it down but once out and hunting have a crazy bird drive.  I expect these pups will be good looking, great companions, have a strong point and natural instinct to find, point, mark, and retrieve birds!!  For more info on this litter call Greg at 712-441-4898 or shoot him an email at [email protected].