Cornstalker Kennels

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We have been getting the pups out and they are loving it. The males (left) are hard to photo.  The middle one is the biggest and lightest colored.  Darkest and smallest is on the right and he is the most adventurous today.  Females (right) are changing as well.  Middle is the smallest and cutest and lightest colored on left is the biggest.  They are all moving around and searching everything as well.  Two more                                                                                   weeks  with these guys!    This litter is SOLD out.

Litter #1

 CPR King David's Might Benaiah


CPR Mountain Movin Madison

Niah meets Maddie breeding; puppies are due August 25 and will go to their new homes middle of October.  Niah and Maddie combine to bring together some of the best looking pointing labs you will find in the country.  These pups will be super blocky, lean, very muscular, and super athletic!  Both Niah and Maddie are APLA Certified Pointing Retrievers and their pedigrees are loaded.  There are 17 APLA titled dogs in the first 3 generations and many Grand Masters including:  4xGMPR Cashman's Super Trooper MH, GMPR Duke's True Grit GMPR Rik's Risky Raider MH, GMPR Grits of Black Forest, GMPR Sauk River Featherstorm Jake, GMPR Killarney Kate, GMPR High Sierra Kodi MH, GMPR Spioncop Christos Magic Baker.   Niah has all the looks and drive you are looking for in a Pointing Labrador.  He carries Super Trooper's features in his blocky looks, 75 lb.muscular frame, black pigment, athletic ability, and strong desire to train and hunt.  He has exceptional marking and retrieving ability and displays one of the strongest natural points you will find.  Niah was pointing at a very young age and was the quickest learner I have ever trained.  He has a strong desire to please and is crazy about finding, pointing, and retrieving birds.  Niah's pedigree features some of the best lines in the country  and you can see those bloodlines in his looks and personality.  When it comes to true Labrador looks, strong staunch point, and all around hunting and training ability, Niah is the total package!  Maddie is my daughter Carly's female and is an APLA Certified Pointer.  Maddie weighs in at 55 pounds and packs the most muscle, look, determination, desire to retrieve, and natural athletic ability that you will find in a Pointing Labrador.  Maddie is intelligent and picks things up very quickly.  She has a bird drive that makes her go all day long without stopping.  She is smaller in size but has a huge heart.  Maddie is the type of companion that would do anything to please you.  Maddie has a big water entry and took to the water right away as a puppy.  In the upland field, she covers ground in a hurry but stays within range.  Quartering was natural and she has a beautiful, stylish point.  Maddie is an easy keeper and spent time in our home when she was a puppy.  She loves attention and always looks forward to walks, training, hunting, or simply hanging out in the yard with Carly or the rest of us.  I expect Maddie to throw some super good looking, intelligent, very athletic pointing puppies.  Pups come with all the clearances and a 28 month hip and eye guarantee.  

Annie's pups are almost 4 weeks old now and getting outside too.  They are eating more and growing a bunch.  This litter is pretty uniform but have some slight color variation.  Males (left) females (right).  I they are just beginning to move about on the lawn.  It's not very often you get a picture of 3 pups sitting.  Good thing they were a little tired!  Litter Sold Out. 

Litter #2

APR Cornstalker's High Priest Eli


CPR Annie Blessed with Grace 

Eli meets Annie REPEAT breeding. Pups due September 1. Eli and Annie line up perfectly to bring together true classic, blocky Labrador looks, strong pointing, marking, retrieving, intelligence and quality family dogs. This loaded pedigree features several GMPR's and APLA Hall of Fame dogs and all 4 grandparents are 4X Grand Master Pointing Retrievers; 4x GMPR MHR Baier's Lady Legacy MH, 4XGMPR High Priest of Israel SH, 4XGMPR Beckmann's High Point Jazz and 4XGMPR Beckmann's High Point Stealth, GMRP Wannamaker's Hot Tub, GMPR Sauk River's Feather Storm Jake to name a few. Eli is an APLA Advanced Pointing Retriever. Eli is very muscular, lean and has a nice broad chest and square head. He weighs in at 78 pounds and has a ton of drive and is simple crazy about birds. Eli is a brush buster in the upland field and covers a ton of ground. He will go hard all day long and will go from quartering hard to stopping on a dime to point a bird. He has one of the strongest, most intense points you will find in a pointing lab. He simply loves the upland field! Eli is a great marker and has an incredible nose. He will locate birds in the toughest of conditions or cover. Eli is a family companion and is a joy to have in our small kennel.

Annie is a good looking 60-65 pound yellow female who has earned her APLA Certified Pointer title. She comes from some incredible bloodlines and features both her parents as 4X Grand Master Pointers. Annie is the most versatile gundog I have ever seen. First and foremost, she is a companion and friend. Annie has a strong staunch point, is excellent at marking, and is very intelligent. She frequently retrieves down pheasants in standing corn that make any hunter marvel at how she marked the fall. Annie just loves to train and hunt. She has a love for retrieving and doing any obedience drills. She simply loves to please! Annie has a huge ON/OFF switch. She will go hard with much drive and desire with training and hunting, and then, turn it off and be a calm, family friend who will play but also lay around. Taking $250 deposits to hold you pup. Pups will be going to their new homes end of January and will be EIC and CNM clear by parentage. Pups come with 28 month hip and eye guarantee and dew claws removed, shots, and wormed.