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CPR Annie Blessed with Grace

Certified Pointing Retriever

(4XGMPR Beckmann's High Point Jazz X 4XGMPR Beckmann's High Point Stealth)

Health Information

AKC # SR77941703

DOB: 03/02/2013

Weight: 62 pounds

OFA # LR-213440G24F-VPI GOOD


EIC Clear

CNM Clear

Annie is a good looking 60-65 pound yellow female who has earned her APLA Certified Pointer title.  She comes from some incredible bloodlines and features both her parents as 4X Grand Master Pointers.  Annie is the most versatile gundog I have ever seen.  First and foremost, she is a companion and friend.  As a puppy, she didn't jump, bite, or bark.  She quickly became my wife's favorite girl; always coming up to her for a belly rub and some loving.  As far as the water goes, she is known for her big water entries and fast swimming to retrieve a duck or a bumper.  She does her water work with such GRACE (like her name) and enthusiasm;  it is really a joy to watch.  In the upland field, she has an incredible nose.  She was scenting and using her nose so quickly as a pup and developed an understanding of wind direction and quartering at a young age and continues to excel.  Annie has a strong staunch point, is excellent at marking, and is very intelligent.  She frequently retrieves down pheasants in standing corn that make any hunter marvel at how she marked the fall.  Annie just loves to train and hunt.  She has a love for retrieving and doing any obedience drills.  She simply loves to please!  Annie has a huge ON/OFF switch.  She will go hard with much drive and desire with training and hunting, and then, turn it off and be a calm, family friend who will play but also lay around.  We expect Annie to throw her good looks, drive, nose, desire to please, and temperament into her pups.       

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