Cornstalker Kennels

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CPR Cornstalker's Dream Chasin' Charlie

Certified Pointing Retriever

(GMPR HR Northstars Lonesome Dove x APR Lockdown Labs Foxy Moxie)

Health Information

AKC # SR87222703

DOB: 03/28/2015

Weight: 65 pounds

OFA # LR-226211F24F-VPI   Normal

CERF# LR-EYE-11677/23F-PI  Clear

EIC Clear

CNM Clear

Charlie is a beautiful chocolate APLA Certified Pointing Retriever.  Charlie has both field trial and strong pointing bloodlines which makes her pedigree very unique.  She is one of those females that carries the perfect look, size, drive, and temperament you want to reproduce in the Pointing Labrador lines.  Charlie weighs in at 60 to 65 pounds and has one of the nicest staunch points you will find in a chocolate female.  She frequently points birds with the tail up and a front leg raised.  Charlie is super intelligent and has always had a strong focus and sense to please, which made her very easy to train.  Charlie has a great nose and locates and points birds up to 20 yards off at times.  Charlie is very muscular and lean and has a beautiful head and chest.  She always gets compliments on her looks whenever we are out and about.  Charlie loves the water and has plenty of focus to sit in a blind, mark any bird fall, and yearns to retrieve in water or upland.  She quarters nice and works close and is one of those dogs you don't need to put a collar on, but just naturally stays close in the upland field.  Charlie has plenty of drive and can go all day, but can also come home and shut it off.  She is a family companion and loves to play and hang out with us in the yard.  Charlie has always loved to have something in her mouth and possesses the strong retrieving drive that you want in a Labrador.  We are super excited about Charlie and she will throw her looks, intelligence, retrieving, and strong point into her puppies. 

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