Cornstalker Kennels

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APR CPR Cornstalker's High Priest Eli

Advanced Pointing Retriever

(4XGMPR HR Sams Creek High Priest of Israel SH  X 4XGMPR MHR HRCH Baier's Lady Legacy of Tru Point MH)

Health Information


AKC # SR81281907

DOB  01/26/2014

Weight  78 pds

OFA #  LR-2189977G24M-VPI  GOOD

CERF# LR-EYE8571/22M-VPI  Clear

EIC   Clear

CNM  Clear


Eli is a gorgeous light yellow male.  Both of Eli's parents are well known in the pointing lab world and have each earned their 4X Grand Master Pointer titles, and his bloodline has excelled on all fronts: NAHRA, AKC, and HRC hunt tests as well.  Eli is very muscular, lean, and has a nice broad chest and square head.  He weighs in at 78 pounds and has a ton of drive and is simple crazy about birds.  Eli is a brush buster in the upland field and covers a ton of ground.  He will go hard all day long and will go from quartering hard to stopping on a dime to point a bird.  He has one of the strongest, most intense points you will find in a pointing lab.  He simply loves the upland field!  He is fun to watch and does his upland and water work with much drive and excitement.  Eli is a good marker and has an incredible nose.  He will locate birds in the toughest of conditions or cover.  Eli is a family companion and is a joy to have in our small kennel.  He has a ton of personality and play in him and keeps things fun on our acreage.  Eli has so much drive, determination, and enthusiasm, yet can come into the garage or basement and turn the drive OFF.  Eli will throw his good looks, black pigment, temperament, drive, and point into his pups.  Eli carries chocolate in his genetic color code: Bbee.  Eli is an exceptional family dog and pointing lab!

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