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Eli X Charlie's son:  2XGMPR Ryker's Not Chasin' Charlie's Angel

Congratulations to Richard Rutt and his new Grand Master Pointing Retriever Ryker!  Ryker is out of our Eli and Charlie first breeding.  Ryker went four for four this spring running Master APLA tests.  Ryker is not even 2 years old and was doing the Master work at just 16 months of age. I heard several people, both trainers and spectators, say that Ryker ran the cleanest marks and was the best dog in the field and he is an amazing looking boy!  Richard has a background in dog training and really laid an amazing foundation in Ryker which is why he was successful at such an early age.  We strive to produce excellent pointing labs that are family dogs, hunting companions, and have the genetics to be successful in the hunt test arena.  It was such a privilege to be at the hunt test and watch Ryker run Master so well.  Hats off to you Richard, Eli and Charlie are proud parents!   

Niah and Maddie Pup

Congratulations to Cole and Remi!!  Remi ran in the APLA test this spring and earned her Certified Pointing Retriever title.  Remi is an awesome hunting partner and family dog first and foremost!!  She has a lot of personality, is super intelligent and is an extremely good looking girl.  We always get compliments on her looks wherever we go.  Remi has so much heart and will do anything to please you.  She loves the water and is an excellent marker in the upland and water.  She has a beautiful point and was pointing right away at a young age.  She has a ton of bird drive and will find any down bird in the field.  Remi is a one of the best hunting dogs and friends you could ever ask for!!  

Eli x Charlie Pup
Ryker earned his APLA Certified Pointer and Advanced Pointing Retriever titles the same weekend.  He is just 9 months of age and is running doubles in land and water, handling, and holding his points naturally.  He has one of the prettiest points you will find in a Pointing Labrador!  He sticks them with his tail straight up.  Ryker was pointing at an early age and is one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever seen.  He has so much raw natural talent and picks things up so quickly.  He is an incredible bird dog and companion who comes in  the house!!  

Congratulations Richard and Ryker!  Ryker is an example of what we strive for in producing high quality Pointing Labradors!  Ryker is on his way to GMPR!  

Niah Pup

Congratulations to Amanda and her dog Yukon.  Yukon is out of CPR King David's Mighty Benaiah and Kell's Mary Alice's Bird Dog.  At just 11 months he is successfully earning his AKC titles and his looks and style are drawing attention.  It is always rewarding to see the dogs we breed compete at different venues and early on show the drive, intelligence, style, and natural ability to succeed.  No doubt Amanda has put in the time teaching and training Yukon as well.  Amanda and Yukon have a bright future ahead of them!  

Niah and Abra Pup (Certified Pointing Retriever)

Jax is one of the best looking hunting machines you will find!!  He was pointing right away on a pheasant wing and took to the upland at such a young age.  His nose is incredible.  He will frequently point birds 20 yards away and let you know you better shoulder your gun.  He has a lot of go in him when it comes to training, hunting, or doing our water exercises, but he can calm right down and chill out as well.  Jax is a special dog and one of those dogs that don't come around very often.  Thanks so much for Jax!!  Sam

                                        Maddie x Niah Pup

Lyle, this is Ruby at a year of age.  She is an amazing dog, we just couldn't be more pleased with her.  Bonus points on how pretty she is too!  She travels great and we have her in the house and she is very calm but has plenty of fire when she is outside or hunting.  Ruby is super intelligent and is an all around exceptional dog.  Getting Ruby from you has been such a great experience for us!  Thank you so much!!  Mouw Family

Eli x Charlie Pup 

Hello Lyle, I am returning home from Montana from our annual pheasant hunt.  Bristol has become an excellent bird dog.  In the last 3 weeks we have taken 72 pheasants with her pointing about 80% of them.  Her retrieving abilities and the way she uses are nose are excellent.  She made 4 pheasant water retrieves this week massive cattails.  She amazes me with her marking downed birds and always comes up with them.  If a bird comes down you can bank on her finding and retrieving it!  She is also an awesome family companion.  Thanks for everything!  Mark  

                                  Eli x Annie Pup

 Abe is now one year old and is a beautiful blocky good looking male.  He was introduced to birds at four months  of age and took to them right away.  This fall was his first hunting season and has an excellent nose, strong point, and retrieves everything.  He is also relaxed in the house at night.  We are very happy with Abe!  Thanks  Lyle!  Bill Overy 

Eli x Annie Pup (repeat breeding fall of 2017)

This is Finn and he went to T.J. Trollope and is now a Kansas resident.  He was picked up at 7 weeks of age and just a week later he is all locked up on his first quail.  T.J. is planning on running some APLA tests with him in the future.  I anticipate seeing some ribbons around the neck of this guy!!!  

Eli x Annie Pup
This is Allie at 10 weeks of age. (Left)  She is pointing the pheasant wing repeatedly and will hold the point for several seconds already.  She is very affectionate and outgoing.  We are taking daily walks together and she is using her nose and works ahead nicely, yet stays in range.  She is crate trained and only had one accident the very first night.  She has plenty of drive and energy, but can turn it off and settle right down in the house.  She is doing great and we are very happy with her!  (Allie at 16 months right) Thanks!  Tom 

Niah Pup


Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how happy we have been with Briscoe over the last year. He is around 60 pounds and has started to slow down in growing.   At 5 months we took him to a trainer for a 2 week gun/bird intro class and he did well.  We have almost 3 acres of space for him to run and play on daily and there is plenty of wildlife to stimulate his hunting nose (pheasant, duck, geese, turkey).  He is pointing birds which is so fun to see and I am excited to do more pheasant hunting with him come fall.  He is really smart and has been a very quick learner.  Thanks again for the wonderful addition to the family!  Joel

Niah Pup

Lyle, Boji is doing great.  On the left, he retrieved a duck into the boat at just 4 months of age!  On the right, Boji did amazing on the pheasant opener and is learning so fast!  We couldn't be happier with him!  He weighs 52 pounds at 6 months of age.  Also, today he had a 120 yard duck retrieve and is marking so well on the land and in the water.  Thanks so much for Boji, we love him!  John Mercer

Niah/Casey Pup

Lyle. After one year Abby is fantastic!! She points and retreived upland birds, great retrieving on all waterfowl, and she just loves to please.  She always tries to do the right thing and is super intelligent.  We absolutely love her!  My mom is 89 and we have had many dogs but she is in love with Abby.  Abby  has given her something to look forward to. We just wanted to say thanks for a great hunting dog and companion. Dudley

Hunting is a special part of my family, especially pheasant hunting.  That took on a whole new meaning after purchasing "Booker" from Schut's kennel.  Booker is a once in a lifetime dog. Not only is he my best friend, but an amazing hunting dog.  I have friends, family, even stranger's longing to come hunting with me and my dog because he's something special.  You do not need to turn on his collar while hunting because he works close and efficient; never missing birds and never straying to far ahead.  Once he finds the rooster, it's a sight of beauty to see him lock up on point, until I say, "Booker, get em up".  He then flushes the bird, and even when I make a bad shot he always retrieves it back to hand, most of the time not even waiting for me to praise him, because he longs to go back out and find another bird.  Out in the field you couldn't ask for a better friend; or in the house, or playing with my nieces and nephew. A big thanks to Lyle Schut and his kennel for giving us such a special gift and a lifelong friend.  If your looking for that next great hunting dog and companion, you need not look any further. Thanks so much!  Tyler Meekma

We chose Jed from Cornstalker Kennels because he was very athletic, and he retrieved for us at 7 weeks. Jed was very aware of what was going on around him, and he always had a strong desire to retrieve from the very beginning.  He always wants more when we are finished training or hunting.  He took to the water immediately and loves to swim, even in the extreme cold.  In his first pheasant season before his first birthday, he found and retrieved over 40 pheasants for us.  To this day, he will hunt all day for us.  He is collar condition, force fetched, and I trained him to do blind retrieves.  Jed and I were chosen to guide for the governor’s hunt in Clay County, IA.  Jed passed his Junior Hunter test in the AKC.  Jed was able to do the work of an AKC Master Hunter, but I did not have the resources to travel for the tests.  Jed is also a great companion for our entire family.  I have also trained several other dogs produced by Cornstalker Kennels and they have shown exceptional ability and have been very successful in my training program. Thanks Cornstalker Kennels!  Gary Van Wettering